Sex? I Can Do That.

espresso“More sex,” he said.

I was having coffee with an old friend, a publicist, who had offered advice on book promotion. I hadn’t expected “sex” to be on the agenda, but he was the expert, so I went with it. And he was, after all, doing me a favor. He even paid for my double-shot, low-fat, half-caff latte.

I took a sip and licked some foam off my upper lip. “Go on.”

“Sex sells. That’s all there is to it. What’s that book called? You know, the one all you women are reading now?”

I knew the one he was talking about. “I won’t write stuff like that.”

“So you can’t write sex?”

“I can write it. Just not like that.” Geez, I felt like we were back in high school. Continue reading